Therapy for women of color.

At Brown Girls Counseling you will have support in a culturally safe environment that will work at your pace. Together we will tailor a specific plan to meet your needs.


Here are some of the concerns we help resolve:

                                        Depression and Anxiety           Relationship issues

                                        Work and Career issues            College transition

                                         Stress Management                  Conflict Resolution

                                         Grief Counseling                       Trauma Counseling


Your resiliency has brought you this far, but now it’s absolutely acceptable to get some support with learning additional skills to cope with feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety. Together we will work towards resolving the concerns that led you to therapy. It will take work, require you to be open-minded, and increasingly have faith in yourself that you will not only survive but thrive!




Brown Girls Counseling provides mental health and the transition to college summer workshop that prepares individuals for their transition into and functioning throughout their post-secondary educational journey. This 3 weeks 6 session group if offered in July just in time for those who will be starting their fall semester in August. 
Whether you are relocating for college or staying close to home, this program will ensure you have the vital foundational knowledge to balance the academic and social demands of college while maintaining your mental health.  

Short term follow up services are provided at various times throughout the school semester to group participants via office meeting for those who are local or telehealth for those who have transitioned out of state.   

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