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Brown Girls Counseling offers NASW approved training for Continuing Education Credits



Intersectionality & African American women:

Intersectionality and African American women provides a safe environment for all professionals who engage with various marginalized populations to learn more. The training is designed to provide more information on the concept of intersectionality and how it can be applied to clinical practice. Participants will engage in activities that demonstrate and resonate the meaning of intersectionality. The theory will be demonstrated by using current and relevant information regarding the status of African American women's mental health and what therapeutic approaches can be used to support this population in and outside of the therapeutic environment.       


Bridging the Gap: Mental Health & the College Transition

This training provides useful information for school and community based mental health professionals who work with students that experience various mental health concerns. This training outlines our various roles, current statistics regarding mental health and its impact on secondary and postsecondary education. Finally, the training suggests possible next steps the student, support system, and mental health provider should consider as the transition to postsecondary environment and education begins.  


Limited space is available for each training. Please contact Brown Girls Counseling via the submission box below with your name, email address, and phone number if you would like to receive further information on booking or attending a training.

Bridging the Gap


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